EMS Elektro Muskelstimulation effektives Training Xbody 20 minuten

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in the LAVIDA XBODY Training

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muscle building
During the EMS training up to 95% of your entire musculature is activated and trained. The deep-lying muscle layers will stimulate and train you every workout. The symmetrical arrangement of the electrodes in the XBody suit will compensate for muscular imbalances.

time savings
Since all muscles work and activate simultaneously during EMS training, 20 minutes per workout are enough. You will achieve visible and above all noticeable results in the shortest possible time.

Healthy joints
The electrical impulses act directly on the muscles and thus protect the joints. These are not overstrained, as is often the case with conventional weight training. The electrodes simultaneously stimulate approximately 95% of total body muscle during a workout with XBody EMS devices. If necessary, of course, individual muscle groups can be specifically trained. Thus, even the weaker parts of the body can be focused and strengthened.

Effective back training
The XBody tracksuit also has electrodes along the spine. These otherwise rarely stressed muscles are also activated and trained. Regular EMS training activates and builds up your back muscles and your body posture will improve significantly. Good posture will relieve the back.

Losing weight and tightening
By activating almost all large muscle groups, problem zones on the arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks can be specifically trained.

Strengthen cardiovascular system
With the XBody EMS training you can gently strengthen your entire cardiovascular system

performance increase
With XBody, you benefit from higher performance and more power. Whether hobby or high-performance athletes. Together we will reach your destination.

personal training
Our personal trainer pays attention to the precise execution of the exercises at each of your training sessions and corrects them as needed. So we guarantee an optimal error-free training.

Pregnancy involution
With XBody EMS training, the weakened pelvic floor and abdominal muscles can be effectively trained again. In addition, the training can have a positive effect on the connective tissue, the fat and muscle in the body.

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