EMS Elektro Muskelstimulation effektives Training Xbody 20 minuten

Personal EMS Training

Individual and effective training with your XBODY Personal Trainer

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Individual and effective - LAVIDA Personal Training

Our on-schedule Lavida EMS training with your personal trainer offers you the best results in the shortest possible time. We support your EMS personal training with various exercises from the functional training area combine and use additional tools such as dumbbells, rubber bands, balls and more. To make your training as varied as possible and thus to achieve even more effective training success.

Your personal trainer will dedicate your full attention to your 20 minutes and will guide, accompany, support and advise you.
If you have questions, doubts, fears, feel free to contact us anytime.
We help you achieve your goals.

Virtual EMS Training

Effective and inexpensive training with the XBODY Virtual Trainer

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Effective and affordable training with the virtual XBODY-Trainer

Our Lavida EMS training with your virtual XBODY Trainer offers you a low-priced opportunity for optimal fitness.
The XBODY display shows you the respective exercises via the virtual trainer and gives you exact times!
As with the personal trainer, you can add extra tools like dumbbells, rubber bands, balls and more. use to make your training as varied as possible and thus achieve even more effective training successes.

Our LAVIDA staff prepares suit and equipment and helps to put on and take off the suit.
Including initial instruction by the Lavida Trainer!?

Cardio EMS Training

An endurance workout of a different kind!

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Cardio EMS Training is a combination of electrical muscle stimulation, EMS for short, and an endurance unit.
The muscles are additionally contracted during training on a cardio machine (spinning bike or crosstrainer) by an electric continuous pulse. This creates a double training effect. The muscles are trained more intensively in the shortest possible time.
Metabolic training in a completely new vote and highly effective!
Cardio training and EMS fit together perfectly - for your fitness and health.

The advantages:
Performance enhancement: More performance through a higher stamina
Metabolic increase: The metabolism is stimulated by the strengthening of the cardiovascular system
Strengthening the heart: Additional muscle contraction through the EMS training system trains the cardiovascular system even more efficiently
Fat burning: Fat burning is stimulated, so EMS training contributes to weight loss.

Tanita body analysis

Your EMS training successes in black and white!

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Professional body analysis with the TANITA MC 780 balance

A measurement with the TANITA MC 780 Body Analyzer can show how your current actual situation in the body is.
Based on the body analysis, training tailored to you leads to more success and your personal goals can be tackled.

We can determine the following with the body analyzer:

What is your visceral fat area and how is it likely to develop in the future?

How is your musculature distributed and how is it qualitatively related to your total body weight?

What is your water balance?

Are you dehydrated, do you have water retention or is your water balance optimal?

What is your body weight in relation to muscle and fat mass?